Chemical Products


·  Concentrated

· Ministry Approved iodophor formulation

· Active in the presence of organic matter

· Biodegradable

· stable and safe in use

· Rapid action against bacteria, viruses and fungi

· Cleans and disinfects in one operation

AGRI DISINFEX - Iodophor disinfectant MAFF Approved

AGRI DISINFEX has been approved by the Department For Environment Food & Rural Affairs.

Approved for dairy and animal health use. It is bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal, offering excellent protection from a wide range of disease causing organisms.

Can be used as a disinfectant and detergent sanitiser in all types of housing, e.g. poultry sheds, calf housing, piggeries, dairies, stables, kennels, catteries, fish farms, veterinary surgeries, abattoirs, cattle markets, animal transporters and in all places where hygiene is essential.

The preparation has also been approved by the Department of Agriculture for Northern Ireland as a disinfectant for the purposes of the Diseases of Animals (Approved of Disinfectants) Order (Northern Ireland) 1972 as amended for use against the disease(s) specified above at the dilution rates stated.


STORAGE  Store tightly closed in a cool, safe place. Keep away from children.




Irritating to eyes and skin.  On contact or spillage, drench with cold water.  For eyes, give prolonged irrigation with water and seek medical attention immediately.  Do not mix with other chemicals.  Wash out and dispose of container sensibly.  Do not use on aluminium or its alloys, for in-place cleaning, or as a teat-dip.

5L, 30L, 210L